Corporate Governance

The Management Committee is responsible for putting the company’s strategy into effect: overseeing strategic projects, deciding on priorities and implementing the necessary resources within the company’s various divisions.


Jean-Luc Bélingard 



Alexandre Mérieux



Michel Baguenault

General Secretary, Corporate VP, Human Resources and Communications


Pierre Boulud 

Corporate VP, Asia Pacific Region


Nicolas Cartier 

Corporate VP, Industry Unit, Group Portfolio & Strategic Planning


Pierre Charbonnier 

Corporate VP, Manufacturing & Supply Chain


Claire Giraut

Corporate VP and Chief Financial Officer


François Lacoste 

Corporate VP, Clinical Unit


Mark Miller 

Chief Medical Officer


Yasha Mitrotti 

Corporate VP, Europe, Middle East, Africa Region & Global Commercial Performance


Alain Pluquet 

Corporate VP, CTO & Innovation


Randy Rasmussen 

Corporate VP, Molecular Biology


Stefan Willemsen

Corporate VP, Americas Region, Group Chief Legal Officer


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