XY500 + PMi™  

Tube Filler with Precision Pump

Benefits of XY500 + PMi

  • Evolves with your laboratory's needs
  • Increases your productivity
  • Easy to use

About XY500 Robotic Module

The XY500 Robotic Module is designed to automate the filling of flasks, tubes or bottles when used in conjuction with the PMI Precision Pump.

About PMI High Precision Peristaltic Pump

The PMI Peristaltic Pump dispenses broth or agar into plates, tubes and bottles with a high degree of accuracy. The PMI is ISO 7218 compliant providing accurate and repeatable dispensing. PMI increases your productivity and dispenses up to 1.6L/min.  PMI can be used alone or with MASTERCLAVE® to dispense media into plates, tubes, or bottles.

Benefits of XY500 + PMI

  • Evolves with your laboratory's needs
  • Increases your productivity
  • Easy to use

XY500 + PMI Features and Specs

With XY500, two racks of 252 tubes each can be filled in the same cycle using dynamic loading directly from the original packaging. Four different 96 tube racks are also available. When used with the PMI Precision Pump, XY500 increases your productivity, automating the filling of up to 1900 tubes per hr.

XY500 is easy to use and can be programmed in under 1 minute using the menu driven keypad.  A stepper motor automatically repositions the dispensing nozzle ensuring greater accuracy and repeatability.

PMI High Precision Pump, when used alone, can dispense up to 1.6L/min of broth or agar.

1.6 L/min
225ml in under 10 sec Fast Speed
500ml in under 20 sec

The smart software activates color-changing LEDs to inform the user of the system status, and it features an intuitive user interface.

PMI also has RFID capability as well as program management and manual and automatic modes. It features automatic traceability, customizable labels and bi-directional connectivity with LIMS communication. It is also compatible with MASTERCLAVE® for dispensing media.

  XY500 Robotic Module PMI High Precision Pump
Capacity 504 tubes 2ml to 20L 
Accuracy -- <2% over the full range
Screen Keypad Touchscreen
Speed 1900 tubes/hr 3 + 1 custom speed
Traceability data export -- Printer, USB drive, FTP server
W X H X D (in) / Weight (lbs) 28 x 18 x 26 in / 55lbs 13 x 5 x 5 in / 10lbs


XY500 + PMI Uses and Accessories

The XY500 Robotic Module, in conjunction with the PMI High Precision Peristaltic Pump, is used to automate the filling of tubes, flasks, or bottles with broth or agar.

PM can be used alone or with MASTERCLAVE® to dispense media into plates, tubes or bottles.

Accessories for the XY500 Robotic Module

Product Code Product Description
415239 Cable for XY500/PMI to use PMI in conjunction with XY500
AESXY0066 252 Tube Adjustable Rack (Standard rack)
AESXY0072 96 Tube Rack (18 mm)
AESXY0073 96 Tube Rack (16 mm)
AESXY0074 96 Tube Rack (14 mm)
AESXY0075 96 Tube Rack (20 mm)

Accessories for PMI High Precision Pump

Product Code Product Description
415230 Tubing Set 1.6 mm with Nozzles
415231 Tubing Set 3.2 mm with Nozzles
415232 Tubing Set 4.8 mm with Nozzles
415233 Tubing Set 6.4 mm with Nozzles
415166 External Pump: e-pump
415178 RFID Badges 5 units
415187 USB Ticket Printer (to order with USB cable)

For further information or product details, please refer to the bioMérieux ecatalog or call Industry Customer Support at 800-634-7656, Option 3. 



XY500 + PMI Video

Media Preparation & Sample Preparation Video


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