Solutions for Agri/Food

Food Quality Control, Food Safety TestingFor Agri/Food, quality control food safety testing for microbial organisms plays a critical role in ensuring product safety. bioMérieux offers a wide range of diagnostic products for pathogen detection and identification, quality indicator enumeration, microbial detection and environmental monitoring for food and beverage products.

bioMérieux Applications for Agri/Food:

  • Pathogen detection
  • Quality indicator enumeration
  • Microbial detection
  • Contamination source tracking/strain typing
  • Food allergen testing
  • Microbial identification and confirmation

bioMérieux Solutions for Agri/Food:

  • Sample Preparation Solutions - A full line of tools for microbiology laboratories, from sample collection to final results
  • BacT/ALERT® 3D – Automated microbial detection system
  • BioBall®– Precise, microbiological reference material used for quantitative quality control testing