PREVI® Isola


PREVI® Isola Features & Specs

PREVI™ Isola	plate streaking	microbiology speciment processing system

PREVI® Isola is an automated plate streaker for microbiology specimen processing that streamlines the workflow of lean labs.

  • Maximum throughput is 180 plates per hour
  • Tips are Axygen TR-120μl LRS plugged tips (96/plt, 10 bx/cs)
  • Applicators come 120 to cartridge (8 cartridges/bx)
  • Each of the 5 input cassettes hold 30 plates
  • Dimensions: 4.8’ Length / 2.8’ Width / 5.5’ Height
  • 5 separate racks for varying specimen container diameters
  • The PREVI® Isola is a class 1 laser product
  • Can hold up to 5 different medias, including bi-plates, to accommodate multiple culture protocols
  • Choice of 5 different diameter specimen tubes
  • Two sample volumes depending on culture type
  • Set-up protocol configurable to individual customer needs
Ease of Use
  • Icon-based, touch screen operation
  • All areas easily accessible
  • Output cassettes can be placed directly into the incubator
  • Screen updates disposable usage

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