Sterile & Compounding Pharma

bioMérieux provides a wide range of manual and automated products to ensure that aseptic conditions have been maintained during processing. For sterile manufacturing, bioMérieux provides solutions for in-process microbial detection and final sterility testing, allowing companies to follow either PAT or pharmacopoeia compendial methods. From surface and personnel monitoring to air sampling, microbial detection and microbial limits testing, bioMérieux helps the pharmaceutical and biotech industries manage microbiological risks.

Traditional Sterile Pharma

Efficient. Compliant. Traceable. Safe. All these words are not only a part of your daily language, but mission as a manufacturer of sterile drug products. bioMérieux offers the broadest portfolio of solutions to help you boost productivity by streamlining workflows and bring data integrity to both traditional and automated microbial methods. We know the power of diagnostics. Together, let’s unlock the hidden value of your lab.


The production of biologic-based pharmaceuticals is long and complex. Rapid answers from in-process controls confirm your production process is operating as designed—efficiently confirming product quality. With the most comprehensive portfolio of microbiology solutions for bioproduction, bioMérieux helps protect your customers, keep you in compliance, and improve your bottom line.

Alternative & Cellular Therapies 

Cutting-edge cellular therapy products demand state-of-the-art quality control. Your business requires rapid, accurate results you can trust to ensure product safety and protect consumer health. With a comprehensive portfolio of rapid microbiology testing solutions, bioMérieux can help streamline your laboratory workflows, boost efficiency, prevent compliance issues—and ultimately, improve your bottom line.

Compounding & Hospital Pharmacy

Speed and quality are paramount in Compounding Pharmacy. Knowing your product is free of contamination allows for faster releases—giving you greater flexibility to respond to changes in demand and a competitive advantage in the market. With a comprehensive range of diagnostic solutions, bioMérieux delivers the rapid, accurate results to protect your consumers, your brand and boost your bottom line.


Environmental Monitoring 

Microbial Identification 

Endotoxin Testing and Services

Sterility Testing and Microbial Detection

Quality Control Testing

Water Testing

Pioneering Diagnostics