Webinar: CDC Evaluation of a 2-Tier Lyme Disease EIA Testing Method and Potential Diagnostic Significance

This webinar will describe the potential diagnostic benefits of using the dissociated VIDAS® Lyme IgM II and VIDAS® Lyme IgG II assays in a 2-tier EIA approach vs. the use of the standard EIA/western blot algorithm. Watch now!

Monday, May 8, 2017 • 1:00pm EST

Meet the Speaker

Dr. Ursula Lena Prisco
Member – Duke’s County Health Council

Dr. Ursula Lena Prisco has a PhD in pharmacology. As a laboratory and clinical researcher and as a former Laboratory Director at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, Prisco serves as a consultant for many health-related and laboratory organizations, including bioMérieux, Inc., Quidel and Medscape.










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