Five Key Areas

Throughout the world, bioMérieux is going green. On each site, in every subsidiary, a green champion is in charge of ensuring we achieve our environmental goals in the following five areas of focus.


Green Goal: Reduce our consumption of non-renewable energy sources.

Conscious that continued use of non-renewable energy sources will cause greater environmental problems, we want to use energy as responsibly and efficiently as possible.

We have implemented an eco-efficient program focused on three major areas: reduce consumption, increase equipment efficiency, experiment alternative energies.



Green Goal: Conserve water through good management of resources.

Water is the resource we use the most in our manufacturing processes.

To reduce consumption, we favor closed loop circuits and are actively replacing once-through cooling systems



Green Goal: Reduce paper usage in processes, packages, and products.

As we are constantly growing, we are faced with the issue of increased paper consumption. We are meeting this challenge by changing our product packaging and recycling paper.



Green Goal: Minimize adverse impacts on health and the environment.

We have been optimizing our waste management for a number of years, reducing the weight of landfill waste, recycling and sorting non-hazardous waste. Specialized companies handle hazardous waste.



Green Goal: Minimize adverse impacts on health and the environment.

Global warming due to greenhouse gas emissions is a major problem.

Because of the close link between CO2 emissions and global warming, we are focusing our efforts on high CO2 emission sources that have a significant impact on the atmosphere.

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