bioMérieux in the Press: 360Dx

22 August, 2019

360Dx Highlights bioMérieux’s Development of Advanced Analytics to Support Hospitals’ Antimicrobial Stewardship Initiatives

360Dx reports – bioMérieux is piloting advanced analytics software with partner hospitals, with the goal of curbing antibiotic resistance and providing critical insights for their antimicrobial stewardship teams.

The software was revealed at the 2019 American Association for Clinical Chemistry Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in Anaheim, California. bioMérieux plans to pilot the project through at least the end of 2019, with a broader rollout to other U.S. hospitals anticipated in 2020.  

The creation of the software and pilot program marks an important shift for bioMérieux, from a seller of laboratory test systems to a value-based solutions provider, with particular emphasis on antimicrobial stewardship and infectious diseases.

The software can help identify testing inefficiencies and streamline reporting into a single platform, with test results available to lab managers, clinicians, and pharmacists.

Facing reduced reimbursements, many hospitals are looking to cut costs, so labs are frequently consolidated and test sites are often moved farther from patients. Results can then take longer to reach clinicians, cutting into the benefits of faster results offered by new technologies. bioMérieux’s advanced analytics system is being designed with both economic and patient outcomes in mind.

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