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As consumers become more health-concerned, they expect food and beverage manufacturers to deliver wholesome foods, and in the era of social media, you can no longer risk your brands and reputation. Your testing needs span from process control to verification of your food safety and quality programs - bioMérieux can help you achieve your goals. As a leading provider of rapid and traditional microbiological solutions, we fulfill our mission of contributing to public health by helping you ensure consumers receive high-quality and safe food products. Are you ready to partner with bioMérieux to improve consumer's confidence and protect your brands?


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SARS-CoV-2 Environmental Testing Button

Environmental testing for SARS-CoV-2 helps protect your employees, your customers, and the overall public health in your community. With rapid results, you can better understand the risk of SARS-CoV-2 at your facility and improve every aspect of your decision-making. Evaluate sanitation effectiveness, identify areas of concern, improve your disinfecting protocols, and fine-tune your overall risk-management strategy

Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Environmental Monitoring

Dairy and Beverage Button - 2018

With so many points of potential contamination in dairy and beverage production, quality control is paramount. Your customers' safety – and your company’s reputation – depend on knowing your product is free of pathogens and spoilage organisms. bioMerieux’s microbiology testing solutions offer a rapid, streamlined workflow that improves your bottom line – and most importantly, delivers results you can count on.

Dairy & Beverage Safety

Poultry Safety Button - 2018

Pathogen reduction protocols are a critical part of poultry production. They’re also a potential bottleneck in the manufacturing process. Maintaining an effective HAACP system while keeping productivity levels high requires accurate, automated, and precise microbial testing methods. Microbiology testing solutions from bioMérieux offer a rapid, streamlined workflow that maximizes your profitability, delivers traceable data...  

Poultry Safety

Beef Safety Button - 2018

When it comes to raw beef and other products with a short shelf life, testing time is almost as important as accuracy. While reliable methods are essential for preventing the presence of pathogens, testing delays can lead to wasted product and lost profits. With a complete range of industry-leading diagnostic solutions, bioMérieux helps protect your customers, your brand, and your bottom line—thanks to rapid results...

Beef Safety

Produce Safety Button - 2018

In the produce industry, every minute matters—fresh products with short shelf life can’t wait for lengthy microbial analysis. Quickly detecting pathogens and viral contaminations is essential to keeping your business running smoothly. With a complementary range of diagnostic technologies, bioMérieux testing solutions help protect your customers, your brand, and your bottom line—thanks to rapid results...

Produce Safety

Seafood Safety Button - 2018

When it comes to seafood, delivering a safe, consistent product is always the top priority. Developing and maintaining an effective and efficient HAACP program is critical for protecting public safety, and for maximizing both productivity and shelf life. With automated pathogen-detection, quality-indicator, and virus-risk management solutions from bioMérieux, you get accurate, traceable results faster than ever...

Seafood Safety

Processed Foods Button - 2018

In a competitive global food market, manufacturers face increasing challenges to ensure product safety and quality while improving operational efficiency. Quality-control systems must effectively test for contamination in raw materials, packaging, and production environments, as well as in-process and final products. With a comprehensive offering of diagnostic solutions, bioMérieux delivers the rapid, accurate results...

Processed Foods Safety
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