API®: Product Safety

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Standardized manual microorganism identification

  • Identification to the species level
  • Gram positive and Gram negative identification
  • Robust database easily accessible through APIWEB™

API: Product Safety Overview

The bioMérieux API range covers more than 600 different species. Simple, rapid, and reliable, API is the international reference in terms of microbial identification.

All API strips, sets of tests selected for a specific bacterial group, are ISO 7218 compliant, safe and easy to use, and easy to interpret with the APIWEB software.

  • Economical solution
  • Rapid time to result: 18 to 72 hours
  • Flexible: one solution for all of your identification operations
  • Time-saving and efficient: all strips are ready-to-use
  • Easy interpretation: with APIWEB
  • Long shelf life

API: Product Safety Features & Specs

Simplified and up-to-date interpretation with APIWEB

APIWEB is a software product that contains all of the API databases for reliable automated interpretation of API strip results when used on any compatible PC workstation.

APIWEB is rapid and easy to use: just key in the biochemical or numerical profile of the strip to obtain the organism identification. The software provides a detailed report that is displayed on the screen and can be printed.

Reports associated with each identification provide you with information including:

  • Comments reflecting identification reliability
  • Probability of species identification index
  • Typicity index
  • Complete biochemical profile additional information
  • Updated on a regular basis

API Gram negative Identification

  • API 20E – Species/subspecies identification of Enterobacteriaceae and group/species identification of non-fermenting Gram negative bacteria
  • API Rapid 20E – 4-hour identification of Enterobacteriaceae
  • API 20NE – 24 to 48-hour identification of Gram negative non-Enterobacteriaceae
  • API Campy – 24-hour identification of Campylobacter species

API Gram positive Identification

  • API Staph – Overnight identification of clinical staphylococci and micrococci
  • API 20 Strep – 4 or 24-hour identification of streptococci and enterococci
  • API Coryne – 24-hour identification of Corynebacteria and coryne-like organisms
  • API Listeria – 24-hour identification of all Listeria species

API Anaerobe Identification

  • API 20A – 24-hour identification of anaerobes
  • Rapid ID 32 A – 4-hour identification of anaerobes

API Yeast Identification

  • API 20C AUX – 48 to 72-hour identification of yeasts
  • ID 32 C – 24-hour identification of yeasts


  • API 50 CH – Performance of carbohydrate metabolism tests
  • API CHL Medium – Identification of Lactobacillus
  • API CHB Medium – Identification of Bacillus
  • API ZYM® – Semiquantification of enzymatic activities
  • API 20E Reagent QC Test – Performance of QC testing for ferric chloride, alpha-naphthol, sulfaninic acid, NN-Dimethyl-Alpha-Naphthylamine and Kovac's Reagent
  • McFarland Kit – Standards for McFarland 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

API: Product Safety Uses

  • Manual identification of veterinary microorganisms

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