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With over 50 years experience as a leader in Culture Media and Microbiology, bioMérieux offers a wide range of prepared media for your lab: from traditional culture media for routine testing to unique patented formulations for special testing needs.

About bioMérieux Food Culture Media

With over 50 years experience as a leader in Culture Media and Microbiology, bioMérieux offers a wide range of prepared media for your lab: from traditional culture media for routine testing to unique patented formulations for special testing needs. bioMérieux is also a pioneer for new chromogenic media, which are associated with simple protocols for pathogen detection and/or enumeration.  bioMérieux provides consistently high quality media that is compliant with international quality standards such as ISO and AOAC.

bioMérieux VIDAS® Media and Dilution Media Benefits

  • Broad offering: multiple packaging options provide flexibility to meet the needs of any size lab.
  • Official validations (ISO/AOAC) provide regulatory compliance.
  • Innovative solutions help streamline workflow and increase productivity.
  • Consistently high quality media ensures accurate test results.

bioMérieux Chromogenic Media Benefits

  • Easy to read and interpret color reactions
  • Inhibits background flora in contaminated samples
  • Provides reliable, rapid results in 24 hrs
  • AOAC and ISO validated methods

VIDAS® Media and Dilution Media Specs

bioMérieux Dehydrated and Ready-To-Use Media are available in various packaging sizes for greater flexibility (Tubes, Plates, Bottles, DILUBAG® and Minibags). Our broad range of prepared media enables your lab to optimize workflow and performance when combined with our automated solutions (e.g, MASTERCLAVE®, DILUMAT®, VIDAS, TEMPO®).

bioMérieux is committed to bring innovative solutions with new packaging concepts for dilution media: DILUBAG and Minibags.

DILUBAG Media are available in 3L and 5L bags, each allowing up to 13 or 22 dilutions (225ml). These bags are ready-to-use; no additional steps are required and most are stored at room temperature. All DILUBAG media come with an RFID label for full traceability when used with DILUMAT Automated Diluters.

bioMérieux Minibags (225ml) are single use bags that provide easy storage and flexibility.

bioMérieux media are internationally validated (ISO 16140 and AOAC) and manufactured according to ISO 11133 and ISO T90-461 to provide consistent product quality.

bioMérieux also offers reliable customer support and service through our toll-free ordering and technical hotlines.

Custom manufacturing is available on request for your laboratory’s special media need.

Chromogenic Media Specs

Quality Indicator Media

(Bacillus cereus)

BACARA Agar is a patented chromogenic medium for the detection and enumeration of Bacillus cereus, providing results within 24 hrs using the FDA BAM protocol. BACARA agar improves the isolation of B. cereus by inhibiting the growth of other bacteria and has been recommended by the Journal AOAC international as a replacement for MYP as a more rapid method to recover B. cereus from contaminated food products.

BACARA Agar is highly selective with no background flora growth and no cross reactions, providing easy detection and enumeration, even with highly contaminated samples. This highly specific culture medium is easy to read, even with difficult matrices. It provides the ability to enumerate Bacillus from the group cereus on acid or acidifying matrices. By following the easy FDA BAM protocol, spreading 0.1ml on a 90mm plate or 1ml on a 140mm plate or pour plate, results are obtained within 24 hrs.

Availability Packaging Reference
BACARA Media 20 Plates, 90mm AEB520100
10 Plates, 140mm AEB120102
Kit, 5 Bottles (100ml + supplement) AEB620106

BACARA Brochure

(E. coli and Enterobacteriaceae)

REBECCA Agar is a chromogenic medium for the direct enumeration of E. coli and Enterobacteriaceae in food and water samples. It is ISO 16140 compliant for both surface inoculation and pour plate methods.

It can be used for the enumeration of E. coli using REBECCA base or for the enumeration of E. coli and Enterobacteriaceae using REBECCA EB agar (REBECCA base + EB supplement). It is easy to read with blue colonies on clear background for E. coli and pink-to-red colonies for other Enterobacteriaceae. REBECCA agar provides results in 24 ±2 hrs at 37°C.

Procedure and interpretation guide

  Enumberation of E. coli Enumeration of E. coli + Enterobacteriaceae
Medium REBECCA Agar Base REBECCA Agar Base*
Supplement to add to REBECCA (Base) None REBECCA EB supplement*
Inoculation See Package insert
Incubation 24 ± 2 hours at 37 ± 1°C
Interpretation • E. coli: Blue colonies with or without halo • E. coli: Blue colonies with or without halo
• Other Enterobacteriaceae (non E. coli): Pink-to-red colonies
Enumeration • E. coli: Blue colonies • E. coli: Blue colonies
• Total Enterobacteriaceae: Blue colonies + pink-to-red colonies

*REBECCA EB Media (REBECCA Agar Base + REBECCA EB Supplement) is available in ready-to-use plates for surface-inoculation.

Availability Packaging Reference
REBECCA Agar Base - Dehydrated 500g AEB150022
REBECCA EB Media 20 Plates, 90mm AEB520020
REBECCA Base 6 x 200ml Bottles AEB620027
REBECCA EB Supplement 10 QSP 1.2L Bottle AEB184135/10

REBECCA Brochure


ASAP™ Agar

ASAP Chromogenic Media is a high quality media for Salmonella detection from food and environmental samples and for confirmation of VIDAS® UP SALMONELLA SPT.

It is AOAC-OMA-approved for confirmation of VIDAS SPT-positive assays direct from enrichment. ASAP agar is a highly sensitive and selective media that inhibits background flora in highly contaminated samples. It is easy to read with distinct pink-to-purple colonies for Salmonella on an opaque white background. ASAP agar enables fast results by reducing the need for subcultures and providing reliable results in 24 ±3 hrs at 37°C.

Availability Packaging Referece
ASAP Media 20 Plates, 90mm AEB520090US

ASAP Brochure

CHROMID® Salmonella Agar

CHROMID Salmonella Agar is a high quality chromogenic medium for Salmonella detection and confirmation of VIDAS Easy SLM. It is AOAC-OMA-approved for confirmation of VIDAS Easy SLM-positive assays.

CHROMID Salmonella Agar is highly selective providing the inhibition of contaminating food flora, e.g. Gram-positive cocci, yeasts and most non-fermenting Gram-negative organisms, and it minimizes the risk of false-negative results. It is easy to read with Salmonella producing pale pink-to-mauve colonies on an opaque white background. Three chromogenic substrates optimize the selective isolation and differentiation of Salmonella. CHROMID Salmonella Agar provides results within 18 to 24 hrs after incubation at 35-37°C and reduces the need for subcultures.

Availability Packaging Reference
CHROMID Salmonella Media 20 Plates, 90mm 43621

CHROMID Salmonella Brochure


IBISA Agar is a highly selective chromogenic medium for the detection and confirmation of VIDAS UP Salmonella (SPT), and is an AOAC-OMA-validated method for confirmation of VIDAS SPT-positive assays direct from enrichment (BPW Broth + Salmonella Supplement). IBISA Agar principle is based on a mix of chromogenic substrates that produces a high level of differentiation between Salmonella and other Enterobacteriaceae. It is easy to read with green Salmonella colonies on a unique yellow background. IBISA agar inhibits background flora and therefore reduces the need for subcultures. It ensures reliable results within 24 ±3 hrs after incubation at 37°C.

Availability Packaging Reference
IBISA Media 20 Plates, 90mm AEB520060
120 Plates, 90mm AEB520059

IBISA Brochure

ALOA® Agar

ALOA Agar is a selective chromogenic medium for the detection of Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria spp. in food and environmental samples. It is an AOAC-approved method for the confirmation of VIDAS LPT, VIDAS LIS and VIDAS LMX-positive assays. ALOA agar provides reliable and rapid results in 24 hrs at 37°C. The plate is easy to read with blue to blue-green colonies on an opaque background. L. monocytogenes produces a halo on the agar, Listeria spp. does not.

Availability Packaging Reference
ALOA Medium 20 Plates, 90mm AEB520080
120 Plates, 90mm AEB520079
10 Plates, 140mm AEB120082
ALOA Agar Base - Dehydrated 500g AEB150072
ALOA Supplements 6 QSP 500ml AEB684420
ALOA Count Media Kit with Supplements QSP 5 x 200 ml Bottles AEB620088

ALOA Brochure

ESIA™ Agar
(Cronobacter spp.)

ESIA Chromogenic Medium is used for the specific detection of Cronobacter spp. (including Cronobacter sakazakii) in food samples such as milk powder, powdered infant formula and food prepared from milk powder. ESIA agar is the ISO/TS 22964 standard required medium for the detection of Cronobacter spp. in powdered milk and powdered infant formula. Additional reagents required according to this ISO method are also available: ESIA Agar, Buffered Peptone Water, mLST broth, TSA Agar.

ESIA Agar is easy to read with Cronobacter spp. producing blue-green colonies on a clear background. ESIA is associated with a convenient “1 bag/1plate” protocol: ESSB broth is formulated to provide optimal growth of Cronobacter spp. while inhibiting interfering flora on ESIA agar. ESIA agar provides fast results in 21 ±3 hrs at 44°C.

Availability Packaging Reference
ESIA Media 20 Plates, 90mm AEB520010
ESIA Agar - Dehydrated 500g AEB150002
ESSB Broth - Cronobacter spp. 6 x 225ml Bottles AEB611448

ESIA Brochure


VIDAS® Media and Dilution Media Uses

bioMérieux offers a complete collection of liquid media that is the ideal solution to meet all of your laboratory's culture needs. Our media is specially designed and validated for use in combination with our automated solutions (VIDAS, DILUMAT®, TEMPO®) to improve your lab’s workflow and productivity.

Wide range of broths available, in various package sizes:

Microorganism Medium Packaging Reference
Salmonella Buffered Peptone Water 500g 46925
100 x 9ml Tubes 42111
6 x 90ml Bottles 42042
6 x 225ml Bottles 42043
10 x 225ml Minibags 42729
3 x 3L DILUBAG® 42629
4 x 3L DILUBAG AEB910303/4
2 x 5L DILUBAG AEB910305/2
SX2 Broth 20 x 10ml Tubes 42121
100 x 10ml Tubes 410370
Listeria Half-Fraser Broth 6 x 225ml Bottles 42048
10 x 225ml Minibags 42727
3 x 3L DILUBAG 42627
2 x 5L DILUBAG AEB910915/2
Fraser Broth 500g 46956
20 x 10ml Tubes 42072
100 x 10ml Tubes 414956
6 x 225ml Bottles 42046
Fraser Broth Base w/ Antibiotics 500g 46935
UVM Broth 2 x 5L DILUBAG AEB912885AF/2
LPT Broth 20 x 10ml Tubes 410845
6 x 100ml Bottles 410846
6 x 225ml Bottles 410848
10 x 225ml Minibags 410847
4 x 3L DILUBAG 410849
LMX Broth 6 x 225ml Bottles 42647
10 x 225ml Minibags 42749
3 x 3L DILUBAG 42649
LX Broth 3 x 3L DILUBAG 42628
20 x 6ml Tubes 42117
20 x 10ml Tubes 42120
6 x 225ml Bottles 42626
6 x 100ml Bottles 42635
100 x 6ml Tubes 417377
100 x 10ml Tubes 417378
Campylobacter Campy Food Broth 10 x 225ml Minibags 42643
Others Tryptone Salt (0.1% Peptone Water) 6 x 90ml Bottles AEB611494
4 x 3L DILUBAG AEB911493/4
2 x 5L DILUBAG AEB911495/2
Butterfield Phosphate Buffer 4 x 3L DILUBAG AEB910083AF/4
Tryptic Soy Broth 2 x 5L DILUBAG AEB911505/2
Lactose Broth 4 x 3L DILUBAG 415984
25 x 90 ml Bottles P2280
25 x 100ml Bottles P2290
500g 46824


Chromogenic Media Uses

bioMérieux has a broad range of Chromogenic Media used for pathogen detection and/or enumeration.

ALOA®, IBISA®, CHROMID® Salmonella and ESIA™ Media are also validated for confirmation after VIDAS detection.

Microorganism Medium
Salmonella IBISA
CHROMID Salmonella
Listeria ALOA
Chronobacter spp. ESIA
Bacillus cereus BACARA®
E. coli and Enterobacteriaceae REBECCA™

For further information on bioMerieux Prepared Culture Media, please refer to our ecatalog, or call Industry Customer Support at 800-634-7656, option 3.

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