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Our full range of media for Environmental Monitoring, Sterility Testing, Media Fill, Microbial Limits Testing and General Microbiology are available on Use the link below to shop online or contact one of our Pharma Media Experts for more information.

bioMérieux offers a full range of prepared culture media for Sterile, Non-Sterile and Compounding Pharma as well as the Personal Care industry. We also have redundant manufacturing for many of our references. Most Pharmaceutical culture media available in the US is made in our Lombard or Craponne facilities.


Just outside of Chicago, IL, our Lombard facility houses R&D, Manufacturing and Commercial Operations. The development of 3P began here in 2013 with the goal of reinventing environmental monitoring media and offering a premium product based on feedback from Pharmaceutical Microbiologists. After testing over for ty trial formulations, we are proud to bring 3P to our customers. In recent years, bioMérieux has invested heavily in the Lombard facility to drive efficiencies and ensure an exceptional customer experience.


The bioMérieux plant in Craponne, France is a state-of-the-art facility that has specialized in the research, development, industrialization, and production of culture media, since 1978. Every year, the plant delivers over 125 million pieces of media to our customers around the globe. The plant is certified and accredited, with over 1,000 industry professionals making sure that bioMérieux continues to provide the very best product available for all of our clients.

Quality System & Quality Control

bioMérieux ensures the quality of our products through our Quality System and following rigorous Quality Control Procedures.

Our Quality System is applied to our prepared culture media through:

Design Plans:

  • Are established and maintained which describe the design and development activities
  • Are continuously reviewed
  • Design verification results are achieved
  • All initial quality production lots are incorporated in validation activities
  • Quality system improvement processes are constantly measured and monitored

Formula Development:

  • Are developed in compliance with reference standards
  • To meet pre-defined specifications
  • Use ingredients optimized for performance and lot to lot reproducibility

Validated Performance:

  • Medium manufactured under industrial conditions
  • Using pure strains, strain mixtures and some “wild” test strains
  • For product and shipping stability

Quality Control Procedure:

  • All critical suppliers are evaluated and audited
  • Raw materials are inspected to verify physiochemical properties and microbiological characteristics guaranteeing performance reproducibility between different lots
  • Each lot of ready to use media is tested to meet established quality control reference standards
  • Detailed Certificate of Performance accompanies each product lot  

TSA 3P® Environmental Monitoring Media

When you’re a microbiologist, you know the little things matter. We agree. For over 50 years, our people have focused on the little details that add up to something big— Pharmaceutical Proven Performance.

  • Longer shelf life
  • Enhanced neutralization characterisitics
  • Resists dehydration
  • No condensation
  • Isolator-friendly
  • LOCKSURE® reduces contamination
  • Flexible storage conditions

Built to Last

Longer shelf life allows you to order larger batches of media less frequently— this means less paperwork and QC of incoming shipments. We designed 3P with this in mind. We are so confident of 3P’s performance, we guarantee at least 12 weeks of shelf life upon shipment. Furthermore, the outer packaging has been engineered to reduce breakage during shipment so it arrives in-tact and ready-to-go.

The Neutralizer

Microorganisms capable of surviving the harsh conditions of a clean room are special; which is why we used not only strains defined by pharmacopeia to prove recovery capacity of 3P, but also wild-type plant isolates from real clean rooms exposed to alcohols, oxidizing agents, phenolics and quaternary ammonium compounds.

True to Size

We created and tested more than 40 formulations of media to define the optimum composition that resists dehydration for less retraction and cracking.

No Sweat

The impermeable packaging system of 3P ensures condensation will not form inside the package or on the plates.


3P’s packaging has been validated against vaporous hydrogen peroxide (VHP) and peracetic acid gassing cycles.

Locked In

3P offers LOCKSURE lids that are easy to use and hard to beat, reducing risk of contamination from accidental opening.

Hot or Cold

The ability to store 3P from 2-25 ºC, gives you flexible storage options for a wider range of conditions.

Available Plates

Standard or Neutralizing Closure Plates/Pack* Reference Number
Tryptic Soy Agar Contact Plates
Neutralizing FIX SYSTEM 20 410250
Neutralizing FIX SYSTEM 100 418049
Tryptic Soy Agar Settle Plates (90mm)
Standard LOCKSURE 20 410251
Standard LOCKSURE 100 418140
Neutralizing LOCKSURE 20 419013
Neutralizing LOCKSURE 100 419014

*Plates are packed in either 2 or 10 sleeves of 10 plates.


bioMérieux was the first to offer a revolutionary change to contact plate design in the FIX SYSTEM offering.

Safety - FIX SYSTEM contact plates prevent contamination caused by accidental opening of plates during the sampling process

Stability -  The patented controlled-fit lid design ensures the lid will not come loose during normal use

Ease of Use -  The easy to open lid requires no additional manipulation and no change to testing methodology


bioMérieux continues to innovate with the LOCKSURE plate design.

Its revolutionary design has been engineered to provide maximum security after collecting samples in aseptic environments and critical controlled manufacturing areas.  With a simple twist of the lid, the plate securely locks, thereby preventing accidental openings during handling and transport.

  • Prevents contamination caused by accidental opening and provides additional security furing the sampling process
  • No need for unnecessary and risky elastic or adhesive wrapping to ensure the lid stays closed
  • Lid remains attached to the base, assuring the integrity of the samples and the performance of the media




bioMérieux’s QUANTISWAB is an irradiated, triple-wrapped environmental swab utilizing nylon-flocked technology. This patented technology offers the QUANTISWAB a unique design allowing up to 60% recovery of microorganisms from surfaces compared to a recovery rate of 20% for traditional swabs. The QUANTISWAB has also demonstrated a 90% release capacity of microorganisms captured by the swab.

The patented flocking technology projects nylon microfibers onto the shaft of the swab, allowing exceptional hydraulic capillary actions, whereas the design of traditional swabs creates a matrix-like environment in which microorgansisms can become trapped, thus making them difficult to release.

The QUANTISWAB is easy to use and specifically designed for critical controlled environements to get a quantitiative indication of environmental surface contamination.



Cleanroom Bottles

bioMérieux has developed a unique packaging, for high performance ready-to-use Tryptic Soy Broth and Fluid Thioglycollate media, that is specifically designed for use in isolators or clean rooms. The bottled media are packaged in specific plastic boxes, double-wrapped and subjected to sterilization with ethylene oxide in their final packaging to offer ideal sterility assurance. This new format delivers greater quality and dependability while eliminating the need to clean the bottled prior to use.



Culture Media: Product Safety Applications


  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Sterility Testing
  • Media Fill Testing
  • Microbial Limits Testing
  • Microbial Enumeration
  • Bioburden Testing
  • Water Testing
  • Chromogenic Media for Objectionable organisms

Cosmetics/Personal Care:

  • Method Validation
  • Microbial Enumeration
  • Microbial Identification
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Clean Room Testing
  • Sterility Testing
  • United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Harmonization/Microbial Limits Testing
  • General Microbiology Testing
  • Room Temperature Storage
  • Bacterial Detection

Water Testing:

  • Microbial Enumeration
  • Microbial Identification
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • General Microbiology Testing

Blood Bank:

  • Bacterial Detection


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