Media Preparators

All 3 MASTERCLAVE models offer:

  • High quality culture media preparation
  • Batch to batch reproducibility
  • Increased productivity: preparation of 1L to 60L of agar or broth in about 1 hr

About MASTERCLAVE Automated Culture Media Preparators

bioMérieux has developed the most reliable range of media preparators through over 30 years of manufacturing experience. All MASTERCLAVEs feature state-of-the-art technology and are the ideal solution to automatically prepare high-quality broth and agar media.



  • Productivity: Enable labs to prepare from 1L to 60L in approximately 1 hr.
  • Reproducibility: High temperature accuracy and excellent media homogenization
  • Versatility: MASTERCLAVE is ideal for producing both agar and broth
  • Safety: All models have safety valves and automatic locking covers
  • High Quality Culture Media
  • Ease of use: Easy opening, easy closing, easy cleaning


3 MASTERCLAVE models are available to meet all your needs:

  • MASTERCLAVE 09 enables to prepare 1L to 9L of high quality culture media.
  • MASTERCLAVE 528 can prepare 5L to 28L of high quality culture media within 75 min.
  • MASTERCLAVE 60 enables preparation of 10L to 60L of high quality culture media, up to 3,500 plates or 260 dilutions (225ml) in under 90 min.

MASTERCLAVE Features & Specs

MASTERCLAVE state of the art technology provides high throughput with fast automated media preparation.  Excellent media homogenization is achieved during both sterilization and distribution with large magnetic stirrers. Accurate core temperature monitoring guarantees high quality agar or broth for volumes from 1L up to 60L with complete traceability.

MASTERCLAVE safety covers are lift-assisted and automatically lock above 80°C.
It features a completely maintenance free magnetic sensor, a graphic user interface for ultimate ease of operation, smooth opening and closing and easy cleaning.

Media preparation capacity 1L to 9L 5L to 28L 10L to 60L
Temperature precision ± 0.5°C ± 0.5°C ± 0.5°C
Stored programs 40 30 30
Safety features Cover locks above 80°C
Safety valve on vessel
Thermal cut-off switch
Cover locks above 80°C
Safety valve on lid
Safety valve on double jacket
Cover locks above 80°C
Safety valve on lid
Safety valve on double jacket
Traceability Optional printer Optional printer Built-in printer
W X H X D (in)/ Weight (lbs) 20 x 17 x 23 in / 133 lbs 30 x 43 x 23 in / 200 lbs 41 x 50 x 28 in / 375 lbs


MASTERCLAVE Uses & Accessories

MASTERCLAVE automated media preparators are used to prepare high quality broth and agar media used for laboratory testing.


Product Code Product Description
AESAP0596 Trolley for MASTERCLAVE 09
AESAT0117A Priming Nozzle for MASTERCLAVE 09
AESAT2000 Ticket Printer for MASTERCLAVE 09 and MASTERCLAVE 528
AESMB0016 Priming Nozzle for MASTERCLAVE 528
AESAP0619 Quick Connectors Kit (water) for MASTERCLAVE 09, MASTERCLAVE 528, MASTERCLAVE 60
AESMC0172 Dispensing from the Lid Port Option for MASTERCLAVE 60
AESMC0090 MASTERCLAVE 60 Bottom Priming Nozzle (inner diameter 6 to 8 mm)

For further information or product details, please refer to the bioMérieux ecatalog or call Industry Customer Support at 800-634-7656, Option 3.

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