PREVI® COLOR GRAM: Product Safety

Automated and manual gram staining methods

  • Fully automated stain process from fixation to drying
  • High quality manual methods

PREVI COLOR GRAM: Product Safety Overview

Traditional Gram staining is cumbersome and lacks reliability and reproducibility. PREVI COLOR GRAM is an automated Gram staining system that uses our patented spray technology to provide rapid, standardized results for all types of specimen, adding efficiency to the microbiology process.

Full Traceability of your staining process

  • PREVI COLOR GRAM includes a barcode reader to ensure traceability of slides and reagents
  • All operations that are performed on the system are subsequently stored in a log file and can be exported at any time

Intuitive Graphical Touch screen

  • User-friendly approach enables easy handling of the system
  • Visual alerts indicate low reagent level or full waste container
  • The user can set up visual maintenance reminders

Benefits of PREVI COLOR GRAM: Product Safety

  • Finished product is ready to read in as little as 5 minutes
  • Assurance of quality means no worry of cross contamination
  • Minimal clean-up and hands-on time
  • Reduces reagent use and waste
  • Touchscreen interface for easy system handling
  • Level monitoring helps avoid waste spillover and issues with staining
  • Automated cleaning helps lessen troubleshooting issues
  • Programmable memory for customization of protocols based on samples
  • Full traceability of reagents, users, maintenance, and slides

PREVI COLOR GRAM: Product Safety Features & Specs

Gram stainer and Cytocentrifuge as “2 in 1” system

  • Change out the carousel and use the instrument to effectively concentrate samples for Gram stains
  • Avoids the need to invest in a stand-alone instrument; or, you can use PREVI COLOR GRAM as a back-up to your current cytocentrifuge
  • The cytocentrifuge rotor benefits from PREVI COLOR GRAM's ease of use and the flexibility in consumables and programs

Small & self-running

  • Easier maintenance with automated cleaning of both the nozzles and the instrument
  • Load and Go
  • Level monitoring


  • Up to 10 storable programs
  • Choice of reagent type and packaging
  • Batch staining or partial loads

Clean & Safe

  • Ready-to-use closed reagents and a closed system
  • Integrated reagent waste container

Patented Spray Technology

  • Spray nozzle system to decrease reagent consumption and waste
  • Standardized Slides ready in 5 minutes
  • Avoids cross-contamination
PREVI COLOR GRAM: Product Safety
Slide Carousel Capacity 12 (PREVI COLOR GRAM 12)
Dimensions H 25.5 cm x W 58.5 cm x D 56 cm
Clearance Height (lid open) 58 cm
Weight 15.5 kg
High Throughput 12-120 slides/hour (PREVI COLOR GRAM 12)
30-300 slides/hour (PREVI COLOR GRAM 30)


PREVI® Rotor (optional application)
Capacity 8 chambers and slides
Weight 1.1 kg`
Dimensions W 22.6 cm x H 6.2 cm
Programmable Speed 100 to 2000 rpm
Body Fluids Sputum, Pleural Fluids, Synovial/Pericardial Fluids, Bronchial Washing, CSF


PREVI COLOR GRAM: Product Safety Disposables

Product Name Number of slides/500ml bottle*
Primary Stain C Crystal Violet 500 - 1300
Mordant B Iodine 500 - 1300
Decolorization & Counter Stain A Acetone Safranin 500 - 1000
A Safranin 500 - 1000
A Fuchsin 500 - 1000

*Number of tests based on 12 slides per run on Gram stainer setting N°3.

PREVI COLOR GRAM: Product Safety Uses

Veterinary Diagnostics

  • Automated gram staining of veterinary isolates
  • Pre-analytical microbiology automation


Pioneering Diagnostics