Innovative Technology Mitigates the Risk of Life-Threatening Toxins in Cannabis

24 February, 2021

Invisible Sentinel®, a bioMérieux, Inc. company, obtains the first AOAC® approval for the detection of pathogenic Aspergillus spp. in cannabis.

Philadelphia, PA, February 24, 2021 — While demand continues to soar for medical and recreational (adult use) cannabis products in the U.S., the risk of products being produced with toxins and mold is something testing facilities can now mitigate with exceptional accuracy, efficiency, and rapid results. The leading toxins of concern and causative agent of recent recalls is produced by pathogenic Aspergillus molds, which can affect the health of consumers who unknowingly inhale or smoke moldy cannabis. Invisible Sentinel, a bioMérieux Company, drove the innovation for the first method approved by the AOAC Research Institute Performance Tested Methods℠,(PTM) for the analysis of cannabis flower for pathogenic Aspergillus spp. within the marketplace, the assay is aptly named the GENE-UP® AspergillusPRO.

The AspergillusPRO assay is validated for the detection of pathogenic Aspergillus species (A. terreus, A. niger, A. fumigatus, and A. flavus) in cannabis flower for 1g and 10g samples following 24 or 48 hours of enrichment. Solving the complex challenges within the cannabis industry, the GENE-UP AspergillusPRO validation joins the bioMérieux suite of validated assays for detection of Salmonella and Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) in cannabis, also the first AOAC approved assays for detecting bacterial contamination in cannabis flower for 1g and 10g samples.

“With another first-of-its-kind AOAC approval, we are taking a huge step forward in robust, reliable, and accessible science for the cannabis industry. Now, laboratories can easily detect Aspergillus contamination in 24 hours, including upfront speciation, with the confidence of validated science specific to their unique matrices.” said Ben Pascal, Chief Business Officer at Invisible Sentinel.

The GENE-UP suite of cannabis method validations demonstrate bioMérieux and Invisible Sentinel’s true commitment to consumer’s safety and public health by improving product safety and meeting the scientific needs in emerging industries. These approvals add to a portfolio of vast AOAC approvals across the bioMérieux pathogen and quality indicator suite of solutions, and demonstrates a long-standing commitment to robust, reliable, and validated science. Testing with confidence using the AOAC approved AspergillusPRO method brings added safety and quality to the cannabis industry.

AOAC INTERNATIONAL is a global standardization organization that validates analytical test methods. The AOAC Performance Tested Methods℠ designation is recognized by the US Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, and global regulatory agencies. Visit AOAC’s website to learn more about their validation process and explore our website to learn more about our suite of food safety and quality solutions.

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