Non-sterile Pharma & Personal Care

Consumers take safety for granted, but a lot goes into ensuring the safety of your products. Rapid, reliable microbiology methods not only help ensure product safety, they can help you bring your products to market faster—for both R&D and existing products. With automated, streamlined workflows delivering rapid, reliable results, bioMérieux, Inc. testing solutions help you protect your consumers, your brand & your bottom line.

Enumeration and Challenge Testing

Challenge Test automation with TEMPO® increases throughput and delivers results faster, which increases flexibility and shortens the product development cycle. TEMPO is an automated system for microorganism enumeration. It is miniaturized and an optimized MPN method (16 tube repetition) that allows quantification compliant with USP <1223> and ISO 11930.

BIOBALL® 10e8 simplifies and reduces hands on time for traditional Challenge Testing.

Commercial Sterility & Detection

The nature of today’s business environment has made lean manufacturing a necessity. Customers demand instant gratification and expect high-quality products at the lowest price.

Visibility gained from fast and reliable QC results provides greater control of your process and shortened production cycles. This allows for lean inventory management, reduction of working capital and agility to effectively address changes in customer demand or adverse events.

Rapid confirmation of commercial sterility with CHEMUNEX®D-COUNT®can help you release your products in only 24 hours.

Media Preparation

Inefficiencies in the microbiology lab can cost you not only additional labor and material expense but can slow down your entire manufacturing process.

Automating routine laboratory tasks such as media preparation will help you get the most from your lab.

Quantitative Strains

The patented technology of BIOBALL® allows unprecedented accuracy for quantitative quality control applications such as growth promotion.

Additionally, the MultiShot 10e8 has a mean value between 0.7 and 1.5 x 108 cfu with a standard deviation of ≤ 20% of the mean to provide 10 x 100μL doses of 107 cfu which can significantly simplify the process of Antimicrobial Effectiveness/Challenge Testing.

Microbial Identification Systems and Services

There’s a reason VITEK®is trusted by 3,000 manufacturers in 35 countries trust VITEK®for routine identifications—it simply works. Our knowledge base is built with multiple strains for each organism claim to ensure an accurate ID.

Prefer to send out identifications? We’ve got that covered. All the expertise, robustness, and support you’ve come to associate with VITEK is now available as an on-demand service with VITEK®Express.

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