TEMPO® CAM (Campylobacter)

When Operational Control Meets Consumer Protection

Having a process under control and ensuring safe products are the top priorities for the poultry industry. Enumerating quality indicators is critical to provide evidence of process control and monitor a plant’s effectiveness in reducing pathogenic bacteria. Be in control and protect your customers—and your company’s reputation.

Now available from the microbiology experts at bioMérieux, the TEMPO Campylobacter spp. enumeration assay—an automated rapid MPN method that delivers convenience and results you can count on.


TEMPO CAM (REF 421509) is intended for use exclusively with the TEMPO system for the enumeration of thermotolerant Campylobacter species in 48 hours in chicken carcass rinsate, turkey sponges and poultry parts rinsate samples. This test was developed in order to obtain performance levels similar to the USDA FSIS Baseline Campylobacter method “Detection and enumeration method for Campylobacter jejuni/coli from poultry rinses and sponge samples”.

Thermotolerant Campylobacter species are naturally present in poultry, production environment and can be found in poultry products. Presence of Campylobacter in food is a public health risk which if ingested can cause food poisoning (diarrhea or vomiting, Guillain-Barré syndrome). By regularly performing bacteriological analyses, it is possible to monitor the contamination level and prevent accidents.

The TEMPO CAM test consists of a vial of culture medium and a card, which are specific to this test, and to be used with the TEMPO System. The card is designed to simulate the Most Probable Number (MPN) method.1,2 The card is then hermetically sealed in order to avoid any risk of contamination during subsequent handling. The card is incubated in microaerobic atmosphere as recommended for Campylobacter growth.


1. Cochran, W. 1950. Estimation of Bacterial Densities by Means of the "Most Probable Number"Biometrics, 6(2), 105-116. doi:10.2307/3001491
2. Woodward, R. L. 1957. How probable is the most probable number? J. Am. Water Works Assoc. 49:1060-1068.

The TEMPO Campylobacter kit provides the following benefits:

  • 48 hr result + Single diluent (Buffered Peptone Water)
  • Test procedure for whole chicken rinses, chicken and turkey parts and turkey sponge samples
  • Ready-to-use reagent
  • Complementary solutions available
  • Content of the kit: 48 tests

Plus all the simplicity and flexibility the TEMPO platform has to offer:

  • An easy-to-use and automated workflow
  • A wide range of throughput levels – via standardized workflow and protocols
  • An intuitive interface and objective results
  • Full traceability - integrated control plan and barcode
  • Secured data - from sample ID to automated results
  • ISO 16140/AFNOR validation in progress.

Campylobacter Testing Solutions

bioMérieux is simplifying Campylobacter testing with a range of complementary products:

CampyFood Agar (CFA) 1,2 Ref. 43471 20 plates
VIDAS® CAM (Campylobacter) 1,2 Ref. 30111 30 tests
CampyFood Broth (CFB) Ref. 42643 Minibags: 10x225mL
Combibag Ref. 30551 30 bags
GENbox Microaer Ref. 96125 10 satchets
GENbag Microaer (for plate incubation) Ref. 45532 20 satchets
TEMPO CAM (Campylobacter) Ref. 421509 48 medium vials + 48 cards
API® CAMPY Ref. 20800 12 strips + 24 media
VITEK® 2 NH Ref. 21346 20 cards
VITEK MS Consult us

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1 Performance Tested Method by the AOAC Research Institute
2 EN ISO 16140 / NF ANFOR Certification


PRN: 18-0231-00

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