Systems of Tomorrow

We are preparing for the future based on our joint research projects with the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), among other partners, to integrate micro and nanotechnologies into our systems, as well as on our collaboration with top-notch researchers to identify new biomarkers in the field of oncology.

  • New technologies: Research conducted in France with the CEA concerns, for example, the utilization of micro and nanotechnologies to design ultra-sensitive detection procedures and simplified systems for the reading of DNA chips, or to integrate biological protocols into micro-components, etc.
  • Genetic signatures: The challenge of personalized medicine (theranostics) in the fields of infectious diseases and cancer will lead to the development of new molecular diagnostic systems to perform complex analyses and to identify biomarkers.

Our tests on Mars?

One of our emblematic programs is being carried out in collaboration with the European Space Agency, with two key focuses:

  • Developing a system to be installed in satellite construction areas in order to guarantee that space missions do not leave micro-organisms in space.
  • Ensuring that space capsules are free of pathogenic agents in order to protect the health of teams that will be on board for three years.

The research we are conducting within the scope of this program will naturally have civilian applications as well.


Pioneering Diagnostics