Clinical Lab Efficiency

bioMérieux believes that full microbiology laboratory automation and laboratory efficiency are imperative to streamlining operations and making more reliable results available faster, particularly in light of the growing threat of healthcare-associated infections. Enhanced automation offsets an increasing lack of specialized personnel, contributing to the control of healthcare expenditures.

In addition to automating certain tasks, laboratories would like to significantly enhance their operational efficiency, make up for the growing shortage of specialized staff, and obtain the accreditation they need to operate. This can be accomplished by streamlining workflows while delivering faster and more standardized results and improving traceability of analyses.

Our offering is unique and the most complete on the market. It combines fully automated, modular and flexible diagnostic solutions of COPAN and bioMérieux. Its roll-out adds value to laboratory customers and is based on an audit of workflows using the LeanSigma® method – the most effective method to optimize organizational performance to date – and on Myla® innovative middleware for the connection between instruments, for the management of microbiology laboratory workflows and for the centralization of the necessary information to interpret results.

Our Automated Solutions

  • Automated staining of sample slides: PREVI™ Color Gram
  • Blood culture: BacT/ALERT®
  • Identification of bacteria and automated antibiogram: VITEK® 2
  • Genotyping of microbial strains: DiversiLab™
  • VIDAS®
  • NucliSENS EasyQ®
  • NucliSENS® easyMAG®
Pioneering Diagnostics