Poultry Safety Solutions

Pathogen reduction protocols are a critical part of poultry production. They’re also a potential bottleneck in the manufacturing process. Maintaining an effective HACCP system while keeping productivity levels high requires accurate, automated, and precise microbial testing methods. Microbiology testing solutions from bioMérieux offer a rapid, streamlined workflow that maximizes your profitability, delivers traceable data you can count on—and most importantly, protects your consumers.  


Media & Sample Prep

Confidence in testing results starts with your media and sample prep. Optimize and standardize your media and sample preparation with a comprehensive offering of dehydrated culture media, ready to use enrichments and diluents — powered by a full line of automation. Boost productivity and efficiency while improving compliance with automated sample preparation in your food microbiology lab. 

Quality Indicator Testing

Quality indicator enumeration in poultry products can provide evidence of control. In-process and end-product monitoring can be automated and flexible, bringing you increased productivity and USDA MLG methodology. 

Pathogen Detection Testing

Salmonella and Campylobacter periodic testing may verify that at the farm-level, the establishment is managing pathogens to acceptable levels. While at manufacturing sites, pathogen detection on raw material, in-process, finished product and environmentals can effectively ensure consumers' favorite protein is safe. 

Microbial Identification & Antibiotic Susceptibility 

Differentiate, confirm and identify microbes with confidence, while surveying & tracking antibiotic resistance. Choose from a full range of identification & antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) solutions ranging from biochemical testing to Mass Spectroscopy.

Environmental Monitoring

A strong Quality and Food Safety Plan includes a robust environmental monitoring program. Let bioMérieux equip you with the proper tools to achieve your goals.

Quality Control Standards

Reproducibility and repeatability are critical to process and microbiology methods validation. Have confidence in all your microbiology testing with superior quality control microorganisms.

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