Seafood Safety Solutions

When it comes to seafood, delivering a safe, consistent product is always the top priority. Developing and maintaining an effective and efficient HACCP program is critical for protecting public safety, and for maximizing both productivity and shelf life. With automated pathogen-detection, quality-indicator, and virus-risk management solutions from bioMérieux, you get accurate, traceable results faster than ever, enabling earlier product releases while protecting your consumers, your brand integrity, and your supply chain.

Media & Sample Prep

Confidence in testing results starts with your media and sample prep. Optimize and standardize your media and sample preparation with a comprehensive offering of dehydrated culture media, ready to use enrichments and diluents, and powered by a full line of automation. Boost productivity and efficiency while improving compliance with automated sample preparation in your food microbiology lab.

Quality Indicator Testing

The difference between an accurate quality indicator test result and a flawed one can make the difference between trending and a production-stopping problem. Stay in control and improve your operational efficiency with convenient, accurate and rapid QI tests. 

Pathogen Detection Testing

You no longer need to compromise between accuracy, labor and time to result. Globally recognized in the industry as the pioneer in pathogen testing, bioMerieux offers a full portfolio of validated pathogens detection solutions that fit your specific needs – no matter whether it’s smoked salmon or fish fillets.

Virus Detection Testing

: Confidence comes from reliable foodborne virus detection. Standardized, simplified workflow and kits complying to ISO 15216 allow you to evaluate microbiological risks, prevent contamination and manage emerging virus and parasite crises in bivalve molluscan shellfish - oysters, mussels, and clams.

Microbial Identification

Differentiate, confirm and identify microbes with confidence. Choose from a full array of identification solutions ranging from biochemical testing to Mass Spectroscopy.

Environmental Monitoring

A strong Quality and Food Safety Plan includes a robust environmental monitoring program. Let bioMérieux equip you with the proper tools to achieve your goals.

Quality Control Standards

Reproducibility and repeatability are critical to process and microbiology methods validation. Have confidence in all your microbiology testing with superior quality control microorganisms.

Pioneering Diagnostics