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As consumers become more health-concerned, they expect food and beverage manufacturers to deliver wholesome foods, and in the era of social media, you can no longer risk your brands and reputation. Your testing needs span from process control to verification of your food safety and quality programs - bioMérieux can help you achieve your goals. As a leading provider of rapid and traditional microbiological solutions, we fulfill our mission of contributing to public health by helping you ensure consumers receive high-quality and safe food products. Are you ready to partner with bioMérieux to improve consumer's confidence and protect your brands?

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With so many points of potential contamination in dairy and beverage production, quality control is paramount. Your customers’ safety—and your company’s reputation— depend on knowing your product is free of pathogens and spoilage organisms. bioMérieux’s microbiology testing solutions deliver results you can count on and confidence to the table.

Dairy & Beverage Safety

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To reduce pathogens, poultry establishments must implement hazard analysis that monitors for food safety hazards occurring before, during and after processing. Monitoring performance of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system while keeping productivity high requires accurate, precise, automated and traceable microbial testing that delivers rapid results.

Poultry Safety

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When it comes to raw beef trim and other meat products, time is of the essence. And accuracy is key! With adulterants like E.coli O157:H7, EHEC and Salmonella, timing is everything especially when you are talking about short shelf life products. The value of your product is important, so don't lose time nor confidence when your profitability—and consumer's safety—is at stake.

Beef Safety

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Time is money when it comes to the fresh produce industry. Fresh & short shelf life products require faster results and results you can trust. Especially when you are at risk of adulterants like E.coli O157:H7 and EHEC. Furthermore, the produce industry not only deals with bacteria contamination but viruses too which makes risk management that much more complicated.

Produce Safety
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