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According to the World Health Organization, one in three people in industrialized countries are affected by a foodborne illness each year. As a leading provider of rapid and traditional microbiological solutions, we fulfill our mission of contributing to public health by helping ensure consumers receive products free of microbial contamination.

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The food journey, from field to table, is becoming more demanding and complex, yet microbiology lab processes have remained relatively unchanged for decades— many are slow, manual and prone to errors.

Standard laboratory procedures such as Media and Sample Preparation, Inoculation, Culture, Enumeration of Quality Indicators, Pathogen Detection and Decision require new approaches to increase efficiency and improve workflow.

At bioMérieux we are proud to offer the most extensive portfolio of solutions to help optimize your lab from Sample to Decision, so you can operate with greater efficiency, accuracy and confidence. All of this means faster results, more confident decisions, decreased inventory and holding costs.

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