bioMérieux, Inc. helps our clients unlock greater value from their organizations with expert consultation and a complete line of diagnostic solutions that enable more rapid, confident results. Clients benefit from improved productivity and profitability by minimizing errors and reducing time to result, as well as brand protection and safer and healthier consumer products.

Traditional Sterile Button - Version 2

We know the power of diagnostics. Together, let’s unlock the hidden value of your lab.  

Traditional Sterile Pharma

Bioproduction Button - Version 2

Rapid answers from in-process controls confirm your production process is operating as designed—efficiently confirming product quality.  


Alternative & Cellular Therapies Button - Version 2

Your business requires rapid, accurate results you can trust to ensure product safety and protect consumer health.

Alternative & Cellular Therapies

Compounding & Hospital Pharmacy Button - Version 2

Knowing your product is free of contamination allows for faster releases—giving you greater flexibility to respond to changes in demand and a competitive advantage in the market.

Compounding & Hospital Pharmacy

Non-sterile / Personal Care and Comsetics Button - Version 2

Rapid, reliable microbiology methods not only help ensure product safety, they can help you bring your products to market faster—for both R&D and existing products.  

Non-sterile Pharma & Personal Care
Pioneering Diagnostics