BACT/ALERT® 3D: Healthcare

Optimizing Collection to Care

The BACT/ALERT 3D instrument is a state-of-the-art, automated microbial detection system. The BACT/ALERT system offers advantages in every dimension of microbial detection testing.

From its space-saving modular design to its easy touch-screen operation and flexible data management options, every size laboratory can perform microbial detection with the BACT/ALERT 3D.


BACT/ALERT 3D is used for detecting the presence or absence of microorganisms in:

  • Blood
  • Sterile body fluids


Because it's so easy to use, BACT/ALERT 3D saves time, facilitates cross-training and helps prevent errors. This system offers immediate bottle recognition, putting you in control of bottle loading and unloading and virtually eliminating bottle handling errors during microbial detection testing. The system's automatic, built-in quality control, along with a low false positive rate and a rapid response time of this system, means you do more in less time with greater accuracy.

The latest generation of BACT/ALERT Culture Media brings the most advanced, innovative microbial growth and detection technology to your laboratory. BACT/ALERT media provide unsurpassed performance, in the detection of a wide variety of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, and yeasts.

With flexible data management options of an automated microbial detection system, and available with many different system options, BACT/ALERT 3D allows you to choose the best configuration for your laboratory.

Plastic Bottles Mean Safety
Safety is an important consideration for any microbial testing. bioMérieux is committed to providing the safest products possible to the microbiology laboratory. BACT/ALERT bottles are made of unbreakable plastic to protect them from breakage. They are also lightweight to reduce the cost of disposal and shipping.


Results are the most important aspect of any microbial detection system. Built on bioMérieux's patented colorimetric technology, the BACT/ALERT 3D demonstrates unsurpassed recovery of a wide range of organisms.

BACT/ALERT 3D System Options
We've designed a microbial detection system to meet your individual needs. The modular design of the BACT/ALERT 3D enables the most flexible, ergonomic configuration to meet space limitations. The control module manages all bottle inventory and data, while the incubator module performs the testing.

BACT/ALERT® 3D Combination Module – The BACT/ALERT 3D Combination Module is an integrated system that uses only 20 inches of bench space. Now, even the smallest laboratories can get the highest-quality microbiology test results on-site.

BACT/ALERT® 3D 60 – The BACT/ALERT 3D 60 is the latest addition to the BACT/ALERT 3D product range. Our space-saving design has been optimized still further. Combined with all the advantages of the larger volume modules, the BACT/ALERT 3D 60 ensures all laboratories can benefit from this technology. BACT/ALERT 3D 60 easily handles an annual workload of up to 3,600 blood/body fluid culture bottles, or up to 500 mycobacteria tests.



For Clinical Laboratory:

  • Microbial detection
  • Sepsis and quality control testing
  • Monitoring for the presence or absence of microorganisms
  • Data management/integration
  • Instrumentation interfacing

For Clinicians and Administrators:

  • Workload efficiency
  • OSHA guidelines
  • Patient/employee safety
  • Data management/integration
  • Cost savings


BACT/ALERT Culture Media brings an advanced automated microbial growth and detection technology to your laboratory. BACT/ALERT media provide unsurpassed performance, workflow efficiencies and safety. bioMérieux is the only manufacturer to offer blood culture media in plastic bottles.

BACT/ALERT Healthcare Culture Media Selection Guide

Bottle Type

Catalog No.

Media Formulation

Specimen Type

Specimen Volume

BACT/ALERT® SA Standard Aerobic


40 mL supplemented tryptic soy broth (TSB)

Blood or normally sterile body fluid (SBF)

Up to 10 mL

BACT/ALERT® SN Standard Anaerobic


40 mL TSB

Blood or SBF

Up to 10 mL



30 mL peptone-enriched TSB, supplemented with BHI solids and activated charcoal


Blood or SBF

Up to 10 mL




40 mL peptone-enriched TSB, supplemented with BHI solids and activated charcoal

Blood or SBF

Up to 10 mL




20 mL peptone-enriched TSB, supplemented with BHI solids and activated charcoal


Up to 4 mL

BACT/ALERT® MP Mycobacteria Process


10 mL supplemented Middlebrook 7H9 broth. Use with 259760.

Processed specimen or SBF other than blood


0.5 mL


MB/BACT® Mycobacteria Antibiotic Supplement Kit


MB/BACT® Reconstitution Fluid: oleic acid, glycerol, bovine serum albumin, and amaranth in water. MB/BACT® Antibiotic Supplement Lyophilized supplement with: amphotericin B, azlocillin, nalidixic acid, polymyxin B, trimethoprim, and vancomycin.

Add 0.5 mL to each BACT/ALERT® MP bottle






OBSERVA data management software efficiently consolidates data and results as part of bioMérieux’s integrated solution for patient care. A single workstation manages patient data integration from both the BACT/ALERT 3D and VITEK® 2. OBSERVA helps meet all your reporting needs and helps maintain the priorities of quality of care and cost control. Click here to view a demo of OBSERVA.

BACT/ALERT® 3D Signature:

The BACT/ALERT 3D Signature is a powerful microbiology workstation with comprehensive capabilities. It is ideal for higher-volume laboratories, university settings, or where expanded flexibility in operating routines, reporting and data management are needed.

BACT/ALERT® 3D Select:

The ideal choice for routine microbial testing in areas where expanded data management or laboratory information system (LIS) connectivity is not needed.

BACT/ALERT® 3D SelectLink:

The perfect option for routine microbial testing where exchange of basic data and results with the LIS is a necessity.


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