Engineering Services

Preventive Maintenance

Regular maintenance translates into more reliable and stable systems that reduce downtime and improve confidence. Preventive maintenance agreements ensure your equipment stays in top working conditions.


  • Increase reliability and life of instrument
  • Fixed price for labor, travel time and all PM parts
  • Certified bioMérieux Field Service Engineers

Move Support

If you are planning on moving an instrument from one facility to another, bioMérieux has the processes and procedures to properly decontaminate, decommission, pack and ship equipment. Once at the new facility, your field service engineer will install, start-up and validate that the instrument is in good working order.

Power Audit

Not all electricity is created equal. bioMérieux offers the only verified power audit specifically for the BacT/ALERT® and VITEK® 2 product lines to relieve concerns of costly system downtime or replacement due to power issues. With the bioMérieux Power Audit, you will discover potential risks that could interfere with or harm your lab’s equipment.

  • Tracks your laboratory’s electricity usage for five full days
  • Reports detailed condition of power supply
  • Receive recommendations to make your power supply safer

POWERVAR Power Solution

POWERVAR is also an online double-conversion sinewave UPS power-conditioning device for true electrical regulation. It is 100% generator compatible and backed by an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

  • Ensure power quality
  • Promote energy efficiency
  • Improve system reliability
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