Lab Consultancy

Optimized use of lab resources improves turnaround time and reduces waste, optimizing lab processes for better financial outcomes.

The ultimate goal of lab consultancy is to improve overall lab performance. Our team of highly experienced professionals has in-depth knowledge of microbiology and continuous improvement tools. They’ll take a holistic 360º view of your lab’s processes then give you an actionable plan to create and sustain improvements:

Strategic Assessment:

Unbiased observation of lab processes and systems to reduce waste and optimize turnaround time.


Support to make the necessary changes to your lab through a collaborative group engagement and training to help you sustain those changes.


Improve laboratory productivity while reducing personnel stress

  • Match capacity to volume, staff skill and productivity
  • Optimize the use of systems and labor
  • Reduce bottlenecks and optimize information flow
  • Streamline all processes
  • Ensure safety

Decrease turnaround time for faster lab results

  • Eliminate unnecessary tasks
  • Simplify core tasks
  • Improve management of work in progress

Create better capacity utilization

  • Increase efficiency and save money in places often overlooked
  • Eliminate unnecessary movement
  • Reduce transfers, facilitating sample monitoring and traceability

Improve quality and reduce errors

  • Improve quality control techniques and tools
  • Introduce indicators to reduce errors


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