Environmental Monitoring and Compliance

Environmental Monitoring and Compliance gives you the peace of mind that someone is always watching your valuable work and that you are meeting regulatory requirements.

Customized Monitoring

Secure your specimens and samples to mitigate risk and improve protection with the Labguard® Environment Monitoring System. Customized for your laboratory, system includes software, hardware and services to ensure an effective, smooth operation no matter how complex the installation.

  • Measure temperature, humidity, and other parameters
  • Monitor multiple sites simultaneously, including storage and transport, accessible in real time 24/7 remotely through Web connectivity in real-time
  • Record data to ensure compliance with necessary standards, including 21 CFR part 11
  • Alert functions keep you informed with real-time notifications sent automatically via SMS, cell phone, email or fax

Shortcut to Lab Validation

We develop lab validation strategy by taking into account immediate goals while ensuring the process is easy to maintain and building in long-term validation leverages.

  • Set up tailor made validation procedures
  • Qualify systems and validate reagents
  • Document validation process and set up sustainable documentation streams
  • Implement statistical tools to automate calculation and make validation easier
  • Train technicians to validate systems

Optimize Quality Control and Compliance

From materials to follow-up, we will help you dramatically facilitate compliance in today’s demanding regulatory environment.

  • Increase staff competence in quality and compliance issues
  • Follow trends and requirements in local and international regulations
  • Be ready for ISO 15189 (clinical laboratories) or ISO 17025 (industry laboratories) on quality and competence
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