Information Management

Faster results with fewer errors create quality that leads to effective patient management for better outcomes.

Helping you to recapture your time with MYLA®

MYLA is an intelligent middleware solution that provides rich connectivity to diagnostic instrument systems, a powerful and configurable laboratory workflow engine, and a real-time information manager and clinical decision assistant designed to:

  • Enable connectivity between systems, which allows multiple technicians to make laboratory decision entry simultaneously
  • Provide optimal information management with real-time statistics and metrics, creating continuous operational improvement
  • Organize and optimize your laboratory workflow

Intelligent device management and support with VILINK®

VILINK is a highly secure direct connection between bioMérieux technical support and your MYLA, TEMPO®, VITEK® 2, VITEK® MS, and BACT/ALERT® VIRTUO® instruments that provides real-time instrument system monitoring and rapid, secure online assistance to optimize instrument efficiency and keep your laboratory running smoothly:

  • Resolves issues through secure, remote support for maximized instrument uptime
  • Improves testing accuracy and capabilities through rapid delivery of software updates for improved patient care
  • Offers a robust solution to eliminate analog phone lines, ensuring your system is the most current available



PRN 060441 Rev0.1A

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