Laboratory Efficiency

Help Your Lab Run Better:

bioMérieux offers a comprehensive suite of performance-enhancing solutions to streamline operations, improve financial performance and impact clinical outcomes.

Workflow Optimization

Optimize the value of your laboratory investments with our highly skilled and experienced professionals. Their in-depth knowledge of workflow optimization, expertise and tools can help you:

  • Optimize turnaround time
  • Reduce waste and errors
  • Improve laboratory productivity and quality

Training and Education

Knowledge-based solutions and product training as well as basic and advanced continuing education can help your lab:

  • Implement knowledge management and best practices
  • Motivate employees and improve competency to overcome shortages of qualified staff
  • Improve employee satisfaction

Environmental Monitoring and Compliance

Environmental monitoring and compliance packages are built to provide real-time monitoring, validation, and QC management in order to:

  • Create peace of mind by monitoring the lab at all times
  • Prove quality and document compliance
  • Help mitigate risk and improve protection

Information Management

MYLA® is an intelligent middleware application designed by laboratory professionals for laboratory professionals with rich connectivity to diagnostic instrument systems, a powerful and configurable laboratory workflow engine, and a real-time information manager, that provides you with:

  • Faster time to results
  • Intuitive user interface, creating continuous improvements in operational efficiency
  • Enhanced result verification and improved clinical relevance of results
Pioneering Diagnostics