Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Experience the full benefits of automation:

  • One standardized workflow for all samples
  • Empowered lab productivity
  • Simplicity of use
  • Confidence in extraction results

EMAG Overview

Be ready for the expected and the unexpected

bioMérieux's EMAG nucleic acid extraction system empowers your lab with flexibility and all the benefits that come with automation. With minimal hands-on time, a single standardized workflow for all samples and a fast cycle time, EMAG helps maximize laboratory productivity. The EMAG uses the same BOOM technology and reagents as easyMAG®, providing exceptional extraction quality.

Introduce EMAG to your laboratory and start experiencing the benefits of true flexible automation:

  • Empowered lab productivity with parallel processing and standardized workflow
  • Simplicity of use and minimal hands-on time
  • Secure sample tracking
  • Confidence in extraction results


EMAG Features

Experience the full benefits of automation

  • Primary sample tube management
  • Internal control and silica automated addition
  • Specific reagents management
  • Eluate transfer in output tubes

Empower your lab with EMAG flexibility

  • Parallel processing of various sample types
  • Flexible input/eluation volumes within a run
  • Lysed and primary samples managed together

Just load and run

  • Intuitive, icon-based touch screen software
  • Single set of reagents for all sample types
  • Minimized plastics: One disposable and one tip format only
  • Easy setup
  • Minimum hands-on time

Maximize productivity

  • Single standardized workflow for all samples
  • Fast cycle time: 90 minutes for 48 samples
  • Empowered flexibility with 2 independent sections of 24 reactions

Rely on easyMAG know-how

  • Simplified mechanics for minimized complexity
  • Same chemistry: BOOM Technology and easyMAG reagents
  • Extraction quality

Secure sample tracking

  • Automated ID recognition during loading
  • Sample level sensing using ultrasound and pressure technologies
  • Automated output tubes mapping
  • Bi-directional connectivity
  • Remote access using VILINK®

EMAG Specifications

Instrument type Nucliec Acid Extraction System
Dimensions H 181 cm x W 142 cm x D 80 cm
Weight 319 Kg
Sample number 1 to 48 reactions per run
Sample volume 10 to 1000 µl
Elution volume 25 µl to 200 µl ( 5µl increment)
Run time Approx. 90 minutes for 48 samples
LIS connectivity Yes
UV lamp Yes
HEPA filter Yes
IVD compliance Product CE marked according to IVR Regulation (UE) 2017/746

Ordering Information


Product Name Reference
EMAG Ref. 418591


Product Name Reference
NUCLISENS® easyMAG® Wash Buffer 1 Ref. 280130
NUCLISENS easyMAG Wash Buffer 2 Ref. 280131
NUCLISENS easyMAG Wash Buffer 3 Ref. 280132
NUCLISENS easyMAG Silica Ref. 280133
NUCLISENS easyMAG Lysis Buffer Ref. 280134


Product Name Reference
NUCLISENS easyMAG Disposables Ref. 280135
EMAG 1000µl Tips Ref. 418922


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