ETEST® Telavancin

Improving Therapeutic Decisions

ETEST is a well-established method for Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) determinations in microbiology laboratories around the world. ETEST consists of a predefined gradient of antibiotic concentrations immobilized on a plastic strip and is used to determine the MIC of antibiotics and antifungal agents. Learn more about ETEST

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ETEST Telavancin
(TLA 0.002-32 µg/mL)

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Enhance your Antimicrobial Stewardship Program

ETEST® Telavancin is a quantitative technique for determining the susceptibility of Staphylococcus aureus (including methicillin resistant S. aureus). Telavancin, a lipo-glycopeptide antibiotic, is a semisynthetic derivative of vancomycin with a similar mechanism of action.1 VIBATIV®, the trade name for telavancin, provides an additional treatment option for S. aureus (including methicillin resistant S. aureus). Clinicians need clear and reliable MIC results in order to make antibiotic therapy decisions. ETEST Telavancin supports clinicians and antimicrobial stewardship programs by providing a flexible and precise MIC solution to guide and manage therapy.

ETEST Telavancin (0.002-32 ug/mL)

ETEST Telavancin is FDA 510(k) cleared and is used to assess susceptibility to telavancin, an antimicrobial agent developed for the treatment of the following infections in adults:

  • Nosocomial pneumonia including ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) caused by S. aureus.
  • Complicated skin and skin structure infections.

Performance characteristics are provided below.

FDA/CLSI breakpoints Strains
% Essential Agreement 
% Category Agreement 
S. aureus 376 98.4% 97.9%

Note: EA = % of MIC values within ± 1 dilution of the reference method.

ETEST - Flexible and Precise MIC Testing

ETEST complements the VITEK® 2 system by offering a flexible and precise MIC platform to test additional antibiotics. The ETEST range offers more than 90 antimicrobial agents including antifungals as well as antimicrobial resistant detection references.

ETEST Telavancin gradient strip is preformed and stable. It is a thin, inert and non-porous plastic strip comprised of a predefined antibiotic gradient used to determine the MIC, in μg/mL, against microorganisms tested on agar media after overnight incubation. In 16-20 hours of incubation, you can determine MIC values for the organism. This strip supplements our ETEST product range.

Content of the Kit

REF 418731 | Telavancin (TLA)

Single Pack: 30 test strips

MIC range: 0.002-32 μg/mL

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ETEST Publications

Staphylococcus aureus and Enterococcus faecalis

ASM Microbe 2018 - Performance of ETEST® Telavancin for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing of Staphylococcus aureus  and Enterococcus faecalis. Poster #216.


PRN 052548 - Rev 01.A

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