Real-time Instrument System Support to Keep Your Laboratory Running

VILINK is a highly-secured modular solution that is firewall-configurable and compatible with your organization’s security systems. VILINK provides a direct connection between bioMérieux’s technical support representative and your systems. It features full traceability and data security via user-approved access and SSL-based encrypted communication. VILINK enables our service support teams to offer real-time troubleshooting and operator training at your request, reducing downtime and improving efficiency in your laboratory.

VILINK: A Secure, Compatible Solution

Remote access to healthcare information must be carefully controlled to ensure privacy and security. VILINK is a highly secured solution designed to be both modular and firewall configurable and to be compatible with the security put in place by your facility. 

VILINK software helps keep your bioMérieux instruments up and running via remote monitoring, updates, maintenance, and issue diagnosis and resolution. 

Intelligent Instrument Management System

Outbound Information

The combination of VILINK functionality and our remote technical support capabilities creates a full service support offering. VILINK never enters your network. 

VILINK is installed locally and only sends device-relevant service data, so you will never have to accept outside connections, and addresses will never be revealed outside the network. VILINK Agents can also be configured with FIPS mode enabled, which imposes the strictest security standards (often required in government settings).


VILINK’s patented Firewall-Friendly™ technology provides two-way, in-session communication based on Web Service standards, including Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), and Extensible Markup Language (XML). All outbound communications are initiated using the HTTPS protocol exclusively on port 443.  

Remote Access

When remote access is required, the VILINK support user connects to the VILINK Server with their credentials and selects the system they want to access, creating a secure tunnel (based on HTTPS) between the help desk and your bioMérieux commercial system. 

The remote user uses validated tools (UVNC, Teamviewer, SSH, etc.) to request remote access, which you can choose to accept or reject. Communication that is transferred goes through the VILINK secure tunnel (so that, for example, when the Teamviewer tool is used, the remote access is still preformed without using Teamviewer company servers).

Connections To The VILINK Server

All Commercial Systems connected to VILINK communicate with the VILINK Server through an SSL tunnel (AES 256 bits encryption). Every remote session and file transfer goes through this SSL tunnel, protecting any exchange against unauthorized access.



PRN 057111 Rev01.A

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