VITEK® MS Reagents/Accessories

Ready-to-use reagents for microbial identification

Ready-to-use, light-stable reagents and accessories for safe, easy use with VITEK MS microbial identification instrument.

  • Reagent kits contain all reagents needed for ID testing
  • No extra reagent preparation time required
  • Target slides are barcoded for complete traceability of samples
  • Safe disposal and no time-consuming cleaning


VITEK MS is an automated microbial identification system that provides identification results in minutes using an innovative mass spectrometry technology — Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight, or MALDI-TOF.

Increase productivity, safety and performance using reagents and accessories designed for microbial identification with the VITEK MS MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry System.

  • Standardized reagents eliminate the need for in-house reagent preparation and QC studies
  • Barcoding for complete traceability
  • Safe disposal without the need for time-consuming cleaning using hazardous chemicals

Disposable Target Slides

Each VITEK MS disposable target slide has a unique barcode to ensure clear traceability, flexibility, and greater confidence with no manual data entry. Divided into 3 separate acquisition groups with a calibration spot for each group, each slide can be used up to 3 times, once for each group, identifying up to 48 organisms per slide. Each box includes 32 MS-DS target slides.

  • No cleaning requried: eliminates possible contamination that could lead to erroneous results or safety issues
  • Each slide comes with three sections of 16 (48 samples) enabling the flexibility of small or large sample run sizes
  • Up to 4 target slides (192 samples) can be run on the instrument at one time


VITEK PICKME is intended to pick and smear bacteria and yeast colonies on VITEK MS target slides. 

Each VITEK PICKME Pen is reusable. VITEK PICKME Nib packs contain 18 trays with 96 nibs in each tray. 

Ready-To-Use Reagents

The VITEK MS uses ready-to-use, light stable matrix solution (MS-CHCA) to save you time on reagent preparation. Formic Acid (MS-FA) is needed for yeast identification and is already allocated in small vials ready for use on VITEK MS disposable target slides.

  • Optimize workflow and overall laboratory efficiency
  • No extra reagent preparation needed
  • MS-CHCA matrix and MS-FA are placed directly on the target slide


VITEK MS-CHCA matrix is added directly to the organism on the target slide. It absorbs energy from the VITEK MS laser and transfers it to the microorganisms to enable ionization. MS-CHCA is ready-to-use and conveniently packaged. Each box contains 5 vials of 0.5 mL VITEK MS-CHCA.


VITEK MS-FA is used to pretreat yeasts to facilitate identification. FA is added directly to yeast organisms on the target slide and is pre-allocated in ready-for-use vials. Each box contains 5 vials of 0.5 mL VITEK MS-FA.

Complete Reagent Kits

The VITEK MS Reagent kits contain reagents and disposables designed for use with the VITEK MS system.

Mycobacterium/Nocardia and Mold Reagent Kits

The VITEK MS Mycobacterium/Nocardia and Mold reagent kits contain all reagents necessary for simple inactivation and extraction for identification of these organisms on the VITEK MS. The protocols allow easy, quick and safe sample preparation.


The VITEK MS MYCOBACTERIUM/NOCARDIA KIT provides the reagents and consumables needed to process samples by protein extraction and inactivation for Mycobacterium and Nocardia identification. Each kit contains 100 tests in aliquots of 25.

To process samples for Mycobacterium from liquid media, use the additional consumables provided in the VITEK MS LIQUID MYCO SUPPLEMENTAL KIT. Each kit contains 100 tests.


The VITEK MS MOULD KIT provides the reagents and consumables needed to process samples by protein extraction and inactivation for mold identification from agar plates. The kit uses ethanol, formic acid and acetonitrile to inactivate molds and extract their proteins. Each kit contains 100 tests.

VITEK MS Specimen Rack

The VITEK MS Specimen rack is an autoclavable processing rack that ensures easy handling of Mycobacterium, Nocardia, and mold samples during sample inactivation and processing. This rack provides a secure plate to store tubes during extraction.

  Description Ref. # # of tests/kit
Reagents VITEK MS-DS Slides 410893 1,536
VITEK PICKME Nibs 423551 1,728
VITEK MS CHCA 411071 2,500
VITEK MS FA 411072 5,000
VITEK MS Orange Gel 411721 N/A
Mycobacteria Nocardia Mold Extraction Kits VITEK MS MYCOBACTERIUM/NOCARDIA KIT IVD 415659 100
Mycobacteria Nocardia Mold Ancillary Item VITEK MS Specimen Rack  421720 N/A


Technical Resources

Current list of FDA 510(k) Cleared Organisms

Statement of Inactivation of Molds by Sample Processing

Statement of Inactivation of Mycobacteria, Nocardia during Sample Processing


ASM 2017

Flexible Clinical Workflow for Mycobacteria and Nocardia for VITEK® MS (MALDI-TOF): Reliable, Safe, and Efficient for Identification of Positive Patient Samples from Different Media Types

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Reproducibility of the New bioMérieux VITEK® MS V3.0 Database for Identification of Moulds, Mycobacterium and Nocardia


Identification of a characterized challenge set of moulds, Mycobacterium and Nocardia strains using the new bioMerieux VITEK® MS V3.0 database

ASM 2019

New innovative tool for easy colony picking and sample preparation for MALDI-TOF



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