The next dimension in blood culture detection

VIRTUO Microbial Detection System, a fully automated blood culture solution with real-time notification of blood volume, quicker time to detection1 and virtually zero hands on time.

  • Flexibility to be placed where ever is the best for your workflow
  • Load & Go motion activated loading allows any trained skill level load the instrument
  • Smart scanning images the bottle to provide instant recognition of barcode labels and automated blood volume level detection
  • Meet the CAP standard MIC.22640 with 100% confidence with real-time notification alarms for over filled and under filled bottles
  • Precision robotics load and unload bottles automatically
  • Coupled with FAN® PLUS media and MYLA®, bioMérieux’s microbiology middleware solution, customers can maximize their efficiency and facilitate better patient outcomes


BACT/ALERT VIRTUO is the new standard in blood culture detection system from bioMérieux. The flexible platform fits into nearly any size lab, even outside the routine microbiology lab. With minimal training, the motion activated loading lets any skill level load the instrument. Just load bottles onto the motion activated loading bay and the bottles are automatically moved to a carousel and into the smart scanning station. The scanning station will rotate and image the bottle label and directly senses the blood fill level and records on every bottle in real time. The bottle is loaded and unloaded into newly designed racks by a robotic arm. High fidelity optics and new algorithms are incorporated to increase performance and time to detection. Advanced reporting is available with MYLA middleware providing a comprehensive view of microbiology workflow, instrumentation and quality indicators: Contamination rates, blood volume and time to detection. When used together, BACT/ALERT VIRTUO and FAN PLUS Media can help clinicians rapidly diagnose bloodstream infections to improve patient outcomes and to aid in Antimicrobial Stewardship.

Ultimate workflow efficiency

The VIRTUO system with its integrated features work together to provide a seamlessly efficient workflow. This new workflow maximizes efficiency and helps laboratorians provide more rapid results to physicians to impact patient care positively.

Motion activated loading

  • Automated, motion-activated “Load & Go” loading
  • Bottles are simply placed onto loading bay

Smart scanning technology

Smart scanning: rotates and photographs entire bottle.

  • Carousel moves bottles into smart scanning station
  • Scanning station rotates and images entire bottle
  • Recognizes bottle ID's and accession labels
  • Instantly provides scan errors alerts
  • Reads 2D Barcode for lot authentication and expiration date

Blood Level Detection

  • Directly senses fill level on each bottle in real time
  • Automatically stores fill level data for reporting
  • Immediate notification of improper fill level
  • Sample volume alert is configurable

Enhanced performance

  • High fidelity optics and electronics
  • New growth detection algorithm for faster time to detection Positive bottle retrieval
  • Audible and visual on-screen alerts for positive bottles
  • Password protected on-demand or automated removal of positive bottles
  • Removed bottles placed into front retrieval chutes

Automated unloading

  • Visual on-screen alerts for negative bottles
  • Final negative bottles removal in batch or on-demand

Intuitive touchscreen design

  • Large, clearly visible touchscreen interface
  • Status screen provides complete bottle status
  • Navigation bar for searches, configuration, and reports
  • Pre-Programmed reports
  • Positive, Negative, Negative to date, Orphan & Anonymous
  • Instrument Reports (Temperature, Calibration)
  • Bottle Fill Volume Report

Advanced reporting and connectivity

  • MYLA microbiology middleware
  • Intuitive dashboard design
  • Comprehensive view of current workflow
  • Remote notification of positive blood culture bottles or instrument issues
  • Blood culture quality reporting:
    • Contamination rates
    • Blood volume tracking
    • Time to detection statistics

Scalable instrumentation

  • Up to three additional 428 capacity incubators to one primary VIRTUO (1712 total cells)

Improve visibility of your testing with MYLA

Connect with MYLA

Fully integrated MYLA middleware, so you connect to other bioMérieux instruments and your LIS to gain a “control tower” perspective to ensure information flows smoothly. This eases the administrative burden and optimizes workflow so you manage higher volumes with your existing resources and free your time for more skill-intensive work.


  • Get the whole picture: information at your fingertips 24/7
  • Consolidate patient data for easier and more powerful reporting
    • Total traceability of blood culture workflow
    • Comprehensive blood volume reporting
    • Quality indicator tracking
  • Improves clinical relevance with real-time statistics & quality metrics
  • Contamination tracking further improved with integrated VITEK® Mass Spec and VITEK® 2 results


Physical Specifications


  Height Width Depth
in. cm. in. cm. in. cm.
Instrument (Door Closed) 77.2* 196.0* 28.7 73.0 35.8 91.0
Instrument (Door Open) 77.2* 196.0* 37.0 94.0 65.0 165.0
Shipping Crate 89.0 226.1 36.0 91.4 48.0 121.9

*Instrument Height does not include optional Warning Light Tower

Instrument Weight

  lbs. kg.
Total Shipping Weight 1084 491
Weight of Instrument (empty) 643 292
Weight of Instrument (with bottles) 707 320
Instrument Packaging Weight 441 200

Electrical Requirements

Properly grounded dedicated A/C power branch circuit capable of providing:

  • 20 Amps @ 100 VAC, 120 VAC @ 50 - 60 Hz
  • 13 Amps @ 220 VAC, 230 VAC, 240 VAC @ 50 - 60 Hz

Note: These circuit ratings are required to accommodate the peak current draw of the instrument on a dedicated circuit.

Environmental Heat Transfer (BTU/hr.):

  • 1287 at instrument set point of 37°C and ambient temperature of 20°C

Environmental Requirements

Temperature Range:

  • 59° to 82°F (or 15° to 28°C), with no wide temperature fluctuations

Room Relative Humidity:

  • 20% to 80%, non-condensing

Location of the BACT/ALERT VIRTUO Instrument

  • A single Ethernet Laboratory Information System (LIS) connection must be within 20m of the BACT/ALERT VIRTUO instrument if connected to an LIS.
  • The BACT/ALERT VIRTUO instrument should not be installed under or near an HVAC register or in direct sunlight or bright overhead lights.
  • The Customer must certify that the floor structure where the BACT/ALERT VIRTUO instrument is to be installed is capable of supporting the weight of all BACT/ALERT VIRTUO instruments installed, while fully loaded with culture bottles.
  • To provide adequate service accessibility, a minimum unobstructed clearance of 12 in. or 30.5 cm. must be provided on the left side of the BACT/ALERT VIRTUO instrument.

VILINK® Configuration

Refer to the latest VILINK documentation for connectivity instructions. The BACT/ALERT VIRTUO instrument must be connected to VILINK in order for the instrument to be installed.

1. Altun, O. et al. Controlled Evaluation of the new BACT/Alert Virtuo Blood Culture System for Detection and Time to Detection of Bacteria and Yeasts. J. Clin. Microbiol., 2016. 54: p. 1148–1151.

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