Creating a culture of data integrity

Smart incubator and colony counter


EVISIGHT COMPACT is an intelligent incubator system that scans, reads and records images of microbial growth on agar plates.

Highly-tailored algorithms allow detection of microorganisms before they are visible to the naked eye (between 40 and 250 microns).

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Standardized, automated plate reading improves objectivity of results with full traceability.


Reduce workload and costs

  • EVISIGHT COMPACT can provide early "out of spec" alarms for screening of raw materials, in-process samples and water.
  • The ability to “go back in time” can help avoid deviations in cases of microorganism overgrowth because the operator can review early images to determine the original number of colonies.





  • Incubation at 2 different temperature ranges
  • Use with conventional plates and white filters
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant
  • 4 drawers can be connected to 1 PC

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