Middleware for Streamlined Laboratory Operations

MAESTRIA™ allows you to orchestrate your lab routine by connecting all steps of the microbiology workflow. 

  • Save time and reduce chances of error by automating manual and repetitive steps
  • Provide clinicians with AST results and cumulative antibiograms
  • MAESTRIA™ provides the data you need to meet your regulatory, monitoring and reporting needs

Your microbiology lab faces ever-increasing challenges in today’s competitive environment: higher workloads, stricter compliance measures and accreditation needs, and the pressure to maintain quality and fast time to results while keeping costs down. It boils down to being expected to do more with less.

Optimizing your IT integration is a critical need and bioMérieux is ready to help you do that with MAESTRIA™, an innovative, integrated software solution designed specifically for the microbiology lab.

IT integration in the microbiology lab means technicians can deliver key information to clinicians faster, while minimizing the risks of errors.

Optimized workflow

MAESTRIA™ offers a single software solution to manage multiple instruments and multiple LIS through a unified interface. This new-generation interface has been designed with our microbiology customers to be as user-friendly as possible, with touch-screen capabilities and reactive design, to minimize the IT burden of adopting software.

The right information is easily accessible and flows quickly and securely to those who need it. You keep the lab running optimally and can deliver complete, reliable information to clinicians supporting patient-care decisions.


MAESTRIA™ offers:

  • Workflow steps that are usually not digitized such as staining results are available in MAESTRIA™, to increase traceability and reduce the risk of errors.
  • Plug-and-play integration of the microbiology laboratory instruments and workflows (bioMérieux Blood Culture, ID and AST, manual methods and selected non-bioMérieux instruments)
  • Single LIS connection point through worldwide standards (HL7) with advanced capabilities to facilitate interoperability, e.g. with native LOINC terminology.
  • Cybersecurity and Data Privacy are taken into account from the design of the solution through its implementation, to bring the much-needed peace-of-mind.


Microbiology expertise

In the context of growing antimicrobial resistance (AMR), laboratories need to be able to identify and handle multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs) and be able to implement guidelines to provide more accurate results and guide the clinicians in their decisions to prescribe antimicrobials.

  • Embedded rule-based AST interpretation engine, which allows you to define your own guidelines for consolidating antibiograms, whilst using multiple methods in your laboratory.
  • Selective reporting, to enable more precise results reporting to the clinicians and to allow further testing in the laboratory for MDROs. MDROs are automatically flagged and available for data management.

MAESTRIA™ frees up time to allow microbiology lab personnel focus on activity that makes best use of their expertise.

Lab performance

MAESTRIA™ brings advanced data management features, because collecting data is worthless if you are not able to use the data in an easy, efficient, and effective manner.

Recapture time spent on information reporting activities through automated and intelligent information consolidation.

Information at your fingertips anywhere, anytime:

  • Graphical representation of specimen workflow always visible
  • Workflow KPIs to identify bottlenecks and areas of improvement
  • Monitor and track critical testing processes:
    • Blood Culture contamination
    • Usage of instruments such as VITEK® MS PRIME

Data Management

Take Information Availability to the Next Level

MAESTRIA™ allows you to recapture time spent on creating reports through automated and comprehensive consolidation of information, painting a clear picture of the laboratory and its results.

Delivering outstanding, cost-effective care to your patients is highly dependent on your physician’s ability to access the right information at the right time.

Data is usually deposited into different silos, making it difficult to share and communicate between stakeholders. With MAESTRIA™, your bioMérieux laboratory equipment and the LIS are readily interfaced to link information into a single, robust dashboard. This user-friendly dashboard allows technologists to analyze data in a compact and concise view, painting a picture of the laboratory and its results.




PRN 066594 Rev 01.A



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