The next generation in MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry

Take your mass spectrometry to the next level with VITEK MS PRIME. VITEK MS PRIME MALDI-TOF (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization-Time of Flight) system for routine microbial identification enhances productivity for faster time to results and improved patient management

VITEK MS PRIME: Prime Benefits, Innovative Features

VITEK MS PRIME has been intelligently designed for routine microbiology use, with laboratory needs put at the forefront. Its time-saving innovations deliver faster identification results, providing earlier targeted patient therapy and supporting antimicrobial stewardship (AMS).

Workflow Efficiency

  • Experience smart, time-saving innovations for faster time to results

Robust and Evolving Database

  • Get high confidence identifications with simple results interpretation

Integrated Solutions

  • Fully integrated ID & AST solutions to impact patient care by quickly reporting relevant information

Expert Support

  • Count on our support and expertise to maximize your lab efficiency





PRN 065385 Rev 01.A


VITEK MS PRIME: Designed to Maximize Routine Workflow Efficiency

Maximize Productivity and Uptime

  • Benchtop system easily integrates into your lab with space-saving design and on-board, adjustable PC
  • Automated continuous load and go of slides

    • Load up to 16 slides without impact on samples currently processing

    • End-to-end sample traceability with automatic barcode scanning

    • Unload slides individually or by batch 

  • One-click urgent slide prioritization, with automatic resumption of regular analysis

  • All new components: lifetime laser*, long-lasting linear detector, pioneering ion optic design and automated fine-tuning
  • Initiate automatic fine-tuning when instrument is not in use

Foundation of Workflow Efficiency

  • Fast, easy protocols including on-slide sample preparation for bacteria and yeast with VITEK® PICKME™ (or a loop)
  • Ready-to-use kits for mycobacteria, Nocardia and molds

  • Preparation and results review at any bench



*up to 100 billion shots

VITEK MS PRIME: Built on Microbiology Expertise

Robust and Evolving Database

  • A comprehensive database cleared for bacteria and fungi, containing mycobacteria, Nocardia, and molds
  • Single choice results in minutes at the species, genus, or group level
  • An average of 12 strains per species and an average of 35 spectra per species for microbial variability
  • Geographical diversity of isolates
  • Isolates of different sample origins (e.g. blood, tissue, etc.)


VITEK MS PRIME: Part of the Total Microbiology Solution

Seamless ID & AST Integration

  • VITEK FLEXPREP™ software for easy preparation of both ID and AST tests
  • Direct link with VITEK 2 AST for faster results
  • Integration brings additional traceability and flexibility
  • Share slides with other technicians, even within the same acquisition
  • Flexible results review at multiple benches
  • Easily view spot images for quick troubleshooting

Advanced Data Analytics

  • Instrument management and statistical reports through MYLA® 
  • Advanced microbiology analytics through MYLA Lab Analytics
  • Support continuous improvement of antimicrobial therapy with use of CLARION™ dashboards and antibiograms


VITEK MS PRIME: Support When it Matters Most

Service and Support from a Committed Partner

  • By your side from installation and integration, to daily operations
  • Access reliable IT and application expertise to support business continuity
  • Elevate your learning experience with thorough training courses and continuing education opportunities
  • Expert lab consultancy to optimize adoption and processes
  • Microbiology expertise with over 55 years of experience


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