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Clinical diagnostics provide a critical role in the diagnosis and monitoring of numerous pathologies and infectious diseases.

When a biological sample taken from a patient is sent to a laboratory for analysis, it is tested using a variety of reagents and/or instruments for rapid disease detection. A wide range of increasingly sophisticated diagnostic tests is used to establish or confirm a diagnosis, to determine appropriate treatment and to monitor its efficacy.

For these purposes, bioMérieux provides a broad range of clinical diagnostic solutions for:

bioMérieux Infection Prevention Solutions

bioMérieux provides solutions for reducing blood culture contamination, detecting infectious diseases early and tracking healthcare-associated infections.

  • Implement best practices, improve patient care, reduce collection errors, accurately track Septicemia, and control costs with WorkSafe™ Blood Culture Collection Kits. 
    WorkSafe Blood Culture Collection Kits are the safe, complete and efficient way to reduce blood culture contamination. They contain all the necessary materials in a single, convenient package.
  • VIDAS® difficile Toxin A & B for rapid detection of C. difficile.
  • DiversiLab™ System for tracking the spread and source of microbial contamination and infection, or epidemics/outbreaks. Based on patented rep-PCR technology, microbial isolates can quickly and accurately be distinguished at the subspecies and strain level.
  • chromID® chromogenic media for the isolation, enumeration and identification of bacteria

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