Clinical Laboratories

bioMérieux provides a wide range of laboratory diagnostic solutions tailored to meet the needs of the clinical laboratory, including automated instruments, reagents, culture media, and software tools.

bioMérieux contributes to the diagnosis of infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancer through three technologies: microbiology, immunodiagnostics, and molecular diagnostics.


With over a century of experience in microbiology, bioMérieux has unique expertise in culture, identification, antimicrobial susceptibility testing, and resistance mechanism detection of microorganisms. bioMérieux supports and provides full microbiology laboratory automation solutions that improve turn around time and labor savings.

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As a leading developer in the field of immunoassays, bioMérieux meets the global needs of clinical laboratories in the diagnosis of infectious diseases and metabolic disorders. This high level of expertise is reflected in the leadership positioning of VIDAS® as the world’s second most widely installed immunoassay system, making it a reference in immunoanalysis. bioMérieux’s complete range of systems and reagents offers over 90 different immunoassays.

Molecular Diagnostics 

bioMérieux offers a broad range of molecular diagnostics products that perform nucleic acid extraction, amplification and real-time detection functions. bioMérieux products automate strain typing and allow for better genotypic characterization of bacteria, yeast and molds.


Software solutions that integrate, manage data and provide connectivity to hospital enterprise information systems

bioMérieux Applications for Clinical Laboratories

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